-Alternative Investment awards, 2015

Infini Asset Management

Infini Asset Management Limited is an emerging fund manager, regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA), which deploys capital across a range of global markets through carefully crafted investment strategies that have been meticulously refined and critically examined over a historical period of 20 years. We manage assets across a wide range of asset classes and the related derivative instruments for an international clientele. Developed with a powerful combination of objective thinking and creative persistence, our proprietary trading modules help us be an attractive form of alternate investment. We also execute with systemic assurance that comes from dedicated risk and liquidity management and a proven constitutional infrastructure.

Trade Philosophy

“We strongly believe that any strategy based on taking directional calls on the market, is not a sustainable one. To deliver steady, sustained and long term returns, an asset manager should develop a core competency to not depend on market directions, but to make his results independent of the market movement.”

- R.K Jain

Infini Hedge Fund

Infini Hedge Fund is our flagship product which is a Private Placement Fund registered with Cayman Islands Monetary Authority. It invests in a range of commodity, equity, fixed income and currency based derivatives. It is driven by a market neutral Options Vega based strategy which makes its performance independent of the direction of the underlying market. The dynamic delta hedging methods and the proprietary options trading strategies, help us be an attractive form of alternate investment.

Our Team

Vaibhav Jain is a Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) certified trader and a fund manager, and heads the Global Execution Team. He is responsible for deployment of the

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Infini Library

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